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Hi there! My name is Buddy. I am a Maltese, and I have a lot of fun adventures to share with you!

Please come spend some time with me. You can look at some of the great pictures my Mommy has taken of me. There are also pictures of my friends -- maybe you have one to share with me, too!

I have books and gifts you might enjoy! You can use my books Buddy Goes to the Fire Station and Buddy Meets Bubba the Traffic Safety Officer to educate your child about important safety tips. These are true stories about my visits to real fire and police stations and everything the great people there showed me and taught me, including real safety tips for children. I even got to sit up in a real fire truck and ride in a real police car! These are great books that I hope grownups will enjoy reading to children of all ages.

I could hardly believe it when my Mommy came home with a puppet that looks just like me! You can use the puppet to bring the story to life for your child, and it's great to sleep with, too! It's almost as soft and cute as I am.

We have lots more in store for you, so please come back to visit us again.


Buy a Buddy Book & Puppet today!

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