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Create special moments with your child by reading to them every day! Teach your child to become a lifelong reader and educate them about fire & traffic safety!
--Sandra Meyer Tian

Buddy the Fire Safety DogMy first book is Buddy Goes to the Fire Station. It includes fire safety tips to help keep all children safe. With my book, you can order my life-like "Buddy" puppet and watch your child's eyes light up as you bring the story to life!

I'm so excited about my newest book, Buddy Meets Bubba! It includes traffic safety tips that you can discuss with your child as you read about my adventure!

Coming soon!
Other books in the Buddy series:

Buddy Finds a Home
Buddy Meets the Neighbors
Buddy Goes to the Doctor
Buddy Goes to the Groomer
Buddy Goes to Puppy Kindergarten


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